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An irrepressable rule of economics? - Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland]
July 11th, 2004
09:34 am


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An irrepressable rule of economics?
Could gold, the standard of almost all monetary in developed nations, come under the light of inflation? It is well known as a law of economics that the more money in circulation, the less its value, kind of like baseball cards. The more rookie cards of Barry Bonds out in the system, the less they are worth. This also works in reverse with the less cards the more worth. So if scientists could use fussion technology to do what alchemists only thought was possible, turn lead, or other metals, into real, solid gold, would the value of gold, which is the standard of all material value on earth, become inflated? And if so, what would our economy adopt as a sturdy base of monetary?

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Date:July 11th, 2004 02:10 pm (UTC)
If we could produce gold at will it would definately inflate and the new monetary would probably be some other kind of thing like gold like silver but silver sucks so maybe diamonds, but diamonds are bling. So no idea would we'd use for monetary. All I can say is I LOVE GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDD.

PS If we have more gold then russian americans over the age of 45 would have poorer families cause they're always putting damn gold caps in their teeth.
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