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My Day. - Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland]
July 16th, 2004
09:44 pm


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My Day.
My day was awesome. First driving, then health, then gambling in driver's ed with health bonus bucks which I won big in like three times. Then Dore picked me up and we headed over to King's Subs where I handed in my application and Dore got money. Then to his house for a little. Then the Great Road Trip started around 1230. We headed down to Brown and Michaels' office (Patent Attorney) and visited Derm. Then Dore and I got back in with a few more passangers for the ride. We got to Camp Barton around 1415 (2:15pm), and spent two hours walking around there talking to old co-workers and good guys. Rob Shaver is not working there. Last year he was the riflery assistant. This year he is a convicted felon who is living in a motel in Texas with his girlfriend who he is going to marry with many guns and his dad's car to boot. That kid was so normal last summer... then he started to flip after his girlfriend dumped him. I am glad I didn't turn out like that. Dellow was there so we walked around with him. Saw Tim Clive, was struck with fear, enough said. That guy could straighten out a circle with his glare, no kidding. So many good people and good times there, it fucking sucks that I am not there. Then around 1615 Dore and I headed out to the Falls by Ithaca before dinner (which I will get to later) and were joined by Garcia Y Vega. Bitchin' awesome. God, that really helped, so much damn shit here in Cortland, so much shit. I don't blame Rob at all, I really could empty a clip in someone, anyone right now. It would make me feel better, but it is not advisable I think. When we were walking around Dore was like "hmmm that chick looks hot." Then she turned around to show she was 7 months pregnant. You couldn't tell from the back! I was about to say the same thing, but I was saved. We talked about junk at the falls with Garcia. Chris was talking about his shit, and we were both talking about how great Barton is, though it has lost much quality. I told him how I want to kick myself in the balls. Last summer I nearly quit before camp began because of my girlfriend. I got smart and different, and for that I suffered no heart break because I had no time to think about it. lol. This year when I got the application I ask the same girl, "should I stay here and take driver's ed and health and stay with you or should I work at Barton because I love it so much." "Oh, Mike, stay here! I love you! lol, w/e" "You have to romise not to break up with me like last time, Girl." "Of Course! I PROMISE! lol, w/e" So it was a crock of bullshit, as two months later would show. So I stay, I watch the deadline pass, I watch the last call pass, everything passes, my chances all pass. Then I get dumped and I say, "hey, what the fuck. I am fucked. I have no job." So poof, I am stuck here. But it's not too bad. But Dore and I ate there at dinner... with Glenn. Now no one knows Glenn who reads this but he is the ultimate computer programmer geek/nerd and a body builder. It is insane and he is just a really great guy. I think to myself "I could have been one of these guys teaching merit badges and camping and wilderness survival and beating kids and everything else Boy Scouts do, but I am forced down to reality. I have to come home. That was the same thing last year. Last year I would be slaving in that dishroom (Moses can back me up) and it was horrible. I would wish and pray that the weekend would come. And when the weekend comes, I came home. I came to the problems. I came to the drama. I came to the dumbasses. I came back to hell. And I couldn't wait to go back to work. I seriously wanted to do the dishes for 300+ messy kids and adults 3 times a day then stick around with these people who don't know shit from their own words. They both mean the same. But after dinner, instead of paying I asked to work in the dishroom again, for the memories, and Tim allowed it. I will tell you that is the most fun I have had in a very long time. I was spraying the cups and platters and filling the sinks and handling the economic-sized dishwasher and directing kids where to put their mess, and despite Kevin and Brent (the cooks from last year) not being there, I loved it. You see, all the dishwashers quit 2 weeks into camp. Nick, Joe Klingenburg, and I were there for all 8 weeks, with Josh and Juanie helping as the fourth man. Boy, oh, boy, when we got to the 6th and 7th week we were so close to quitting, yet so close to ending our contracts and we stayed through pure hell. But these whips left after two weeks. I nearly cried. They anounced they were looking for new ones because there was only one left and it took him till 1 am to finish dinner and that is insane. I would join if it werent for my classes and I am not even close to joking. I would take the dishwashing hell over this drama hell any day. The only people worth staying for would be Harvey, Meg, and that hott girl that sits next to me in health... because she actually talks to me and doesn't think any less. If it weren't for them I would be gone. Outta here, no seconds flat. A kid actually did apply when they asked so I got to show him the dirty little secrets of the dish room. Then Klingenburg and I reminiced. The time I went out the door on the Koolaid Kart and flipped because of the mud... my back wasn't right for the next two weeks man. Or how we "cleaned" bowls that just wouldn't stay clean. Mr. Roboto. The Dishwashing Song. Good Lord, I nearly cried. So I washed, it was excellent. I still have it. So then Dore and I said our goodbyes and left. Perhaps we will return this summer. All I know is next summer, no girlfriend, or anything else, will keep me from that camp. God bless America.

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