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The Great Day. - Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland]
August 2nd, 2004
06:03 pm


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The Great Day.
Today was a really good day for me, and everyone I have talked to. Went to driver's ed and we went to the Skillet to eat breakfast. I had the Big Italian Breakfast and it was excellent. Though I couldn't stomach the eggs, I never can. But then Health was cool because we were 20 minutes late because of a train. Then we learned about how "evil" tobacco is. Then Jack and I schooled the teacher in the economic benefits of tobacco business in America.

Then I went to Driver's Ed and Mr. Neilson showed us all his hats and I got to wear a Communist border guards hat, and it was warm so I want one. I got to wear a Communist Russian Officer's hat and a Chinese Communist hat. They were cool too.

Then I got my physical. Dude, a girl touched my balls.

Then I went over to Dore's and helped him prepare for his Eagle Project. And we are gonna play at Jack Keck's party on August 15th (if he has one). First performance... ever! It's been years, literally, and it nearly killed me but I got it. Slippery Nipple's our name, and bass is my game.


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