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I'll hit you like a fucking tornado. -MSI - Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland]
August 6th, 2004
02:30 pm


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I'll hit you like a fucking tornado. -MSI
Today has been an eventful day, and still isn't done. Got home from PA at like 1:30, and since then I have been hotwired like a bitch on speed man. I have taken literally 10 piss-stops and three dumps today. I am not joking and I feel so fraile and weak as a result. I got a job, I am not longer an unemployed man. Excellent to that. Debated the abstainence-only education in school thing in health today. I feel I made some good points and so did Harvey and his team but I think the majority of people are too dumb to realise the fiscal aspect of education. Dumbasses. Couldn't drive for shit today, but I still drove often. Stupid me eh? Only MSI right now can seem to calm me a little but I seriously feel like kicking a wall or something. A-Wall, yes I am going A-Wall. Went downtown with Harvey and Mike Van Tinkle. It was pretty cool, may go camping with them sometime... I hope it's in the winter personally, that way I can make my own shelter and show that man continues to kick Mother Nature's ass. No pussy tent for me, I am gonna kick Mother Nature's ass with her own trees and branches. Take it like I give it. What?
Mutha Trucka, what sucka?
I am gonna see if Dore is ready to get the jam set finalized. Will post later, if I get at least one (1) comment. Till then, bye bye hahahaha.

It's so awesome that you came here
I wanna give you some drugs
and I hope that you like them baby!
- MSI (song below)

OK OK, it's been like two minutes since I posted this and I have to go piss again. AGAIN! I just went like 20 minutes ago and now I have to go again! I am about to say I am heading out to the doctor. This isn't the first time I have had this kinda problem. Maybe I have diabetes and then you people won't have to worry about my bitching anymore. Let's see.

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Current Music: "Pussy All Night" by Mindless Self Indulgence

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