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Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland] Below are 25 entries, after skipping 25 most recent ones in the "MC Boris" journal:

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July 10th, 2004
02:51 pm


All I wanted, was to covet you all. You belong to me, now.- Slipknot
INTELLECTUAL ONE. For you the beauty is not enough.
He/she must be smart and friendly. You are one
who think in facts. You take your feelings in
background everything is material. For you a
good partner is seen on the good results he/she
makes, his job etc. This shows you that she/he
is a respectable person who has god qualities,
and then you start to fall in love with
her/him. You dont like people that are lying or
playing. Your loved one will never cheat on you
because he/she respects you and you choose your
partner carefully.PLEASE VOTE, I want to know
what you think about my quiz, I worked hard on
You can always message me or tell me how I can
improve that quiz. Ill sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla

True. Very true. I won't love a loser. I'll love someone who is actually worth a damn. Where was this quiz last October?

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July 9th, 2004
08:38 pm


More of a Testimony than anything else.
Straight from cancerouspinkyy's livejournal:

Cool it man
2004-07-06 16:29 (link)
Can I know what wrong I have done to you, yet?
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Re: Cool it man
2004-07-08 08:02 (link)
im sure u can figure that out yourself.

(The only reason I can think of is due to that fact that I left your house that one day at 10 o clock BECAUSE 1) I had to help Chris Buttino with his Eagle Project 2) you weren't getting up 3) you didn't want to do anything 4) I was tired of you bad-mouthing your mom when she was trying to get you up. Have I over looked anything?)

Now what is in parenthesis is a comment I added in response however I just found out it was deleted for some reason. Not too suprising, that is why I saved the basis of it. I tried posting it there again but it wouldn't work. I was blocked from commenting. Now why would an innocent person do something like that? Who knows, I have never been innocent in my life because I seem to be a problem in everyone's life when I am really offering a solution.

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04:43 pm


Found, in my livejournal, which relates to the past few weeks events. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME!
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Let us talk.
Charlie, it has become very apparent that you have diarrhea of the mouth because you can hardly contain the shit that comes out of it. I don't understand why you have started these attacks but I demand that you confront me and tell me why. The whole complaining about Armenia, Hitler, and emos is months in the past. If you don't want to beleive me that is fine. If you don't want to beleive Megan, Rose, and Jack, all of whom agree with me, then that is ignorance, whether you like it or not, you do not embrace the truth even though you acknowledge it. That is the simple definition of the word. You say that Rose is only mean to you when I am around as if I gain joy out of your suffering. This perplexes (confuses, if you don't understand) me. I find no joy in anyone's suffering. I only find joy in life, which you seem to lack now. You have every right to voice your opinions. However, everyone else has the right to stop your ass if your opinions are based on nothing. Such a situation exists. I am only interested in talking to you to defend myself. I can learn nothing from you because your ideas are spawned by hatred. I use "ideas" very loosely. You remind me of me about two months ago with the exception that you don't have any clue what the hell you are talking about. You call yourself God... merely an egotistical statement to make you feel better about yourself. I don't know whether your hate for me is propelled by Joe, because you told me that he was manipulative. I will repeat that, you are the one who told me that he was manipulative. You are the one who constantly entrusts in me your hatred for the emos, in hopes that I will become a hating fiend like you. But I don't hate. I fear hating anyone, because I don't want to kill anyone. Simply stated. You are the one who made sure to tell me that Joe and Emmie had sex two months into their relationship, and continued to say so ever since. Everytime we would hang out I must hear of it! I told you the first time I don't care. I told you the second time I don't care. I told you every damn time I don't care what they do! As long as I don't pay for their welfare I am completely fine with the self destruction process. I must listen to YOU complain about the emos. I tell you I am done with that, they are gone, dead, and still you try to instagate. I have people who beleive me, and I beleive me, and deep down, you can't change the truth, therefore you beleive me. You know the connection I made with Hitler, Armenia, and the emos. I explained it many a times because you were curious. You know why I connected them, because they are connectable. Tell me why you attack me, give me legitamate reasons, and then I won't have to talk to you again. You have lost my trust. This is not the first time you have done such a thing. I had much trust and love invested in you, now I must make my withdrawl before I lose it all. You made the decision not me. Speak, you fool, or be silent.


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2004-06-11 03:25 (link)
ahhh mike... you ask why? Why? its a very simple concept.

I have no reason.

I have no reason to bring this stuff up, i did it out of hate... i was mad, i took it out on you. It is as simple as that.

Sure I was a little tired of hearing about the Armenian Genocide and stuff, but i truely had no reasons except for my hatred.

We will talk more about this, once i let my hatred out, and can actually have a civilized chat.

-Charlie (Still God, just because im being dumb)
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2004-06-11 03:27 (link)
Also my hate is not compelled by Joe, my hate is compelled by other things, nothin which you have brought on.
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Now that is the entire entry from about a month ago, in which the same situation as seen now, happened. I beleive it is clear what is going on here simply because this is not the first time it has happened.

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July 8th, 2004
05:46 pm


My movie
Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

No Comment.

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July 7th, 2004
07:29 pm


It is Completed!
I have finished the community I set out to.  Check it out and join.  It is here at sandwichcommune .  Peace for now.

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01:46 pm


Debt Free is the Way to Be.
Shuffle your play list and write down a lyric from the first 20 songs. Try not to include the song title in the lyrics. Have your friends try and guess as many songs as they can.

1) Said I remember when we use to sit in the Government Yard in Trenchtown…
2) HEY! WAIT! I gotta…
3) I’m not the only one, nah I’m not the only one…
4) With the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us…
5) No, I don’t have a gun…
6) I sit, in my desolate room, no lights, no music, just anger, I’ve killed everyone, I’m away forever, but I’m feeling better…
7) The plan was mastered and called genocide, took all the children and then we died, the few that remained were never found, all in a system… Down…
8) Falling bombs on Babylon, what a perfect ending to it all…
9) And our friends are all aboard, many more of them live next door…
10) When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom…
11) Some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress, but when they’re held for pleasure, they’re the balls that I like best…
12) Now I’m gonna love you, till the stars call from the sky, for you and I
13) White lightning’s flashin’ across the sky. You’re only young but you’re gonna die…
14) Goin’ down, for the time. My friends are gonna be there too…
15) Finished with my woman, ‘cause she couldn’t help me with my mind. People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time.
16) “And then to get your attention in the crowded place, I’d simply walk up and stick my nuts in your face.” “Yeah, freak her with your nuts, yea that’ll get her.”
17) Well I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down, with the edge of my hand…
18) She drew her wheelchair to the edge of the shore, and to her legs, she smiled, “You won’t hurt me no more.”…
19) Pull the Tapeworm out of your ass…
20) I buy my crack. I smack my bitch. Right here, in Hollywood…

Note: I do not have a "playlist" on the computer because I do not upload or download music on the computer as it is an infringement on copyright laws. I just picked out like 15 or so CDs and called it all the same. Though no one will make a guess I figured it was cool so I did it anyway.

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July 5th, 2004
08:41 pm


Life... is your glory.
Thirteen random things you like:
- the free market
- libertarianism
- guerilla warfare/ US Army Rangers
- politics
- my stuffed rabbits
- being right all the time
- being a dictator and getting my sandwich whenever I want
- Jesus
- God
- The Holy Spirit
- my Bible
- Italy and its beautiful history
- books that teach something useful

Twelve movies:
- "Glory"
- "Gettysburg"
- "Saving Private Ryan"
- "Zulu!"
- "Roadtrip"
- "Naked Gun 33 (1/3): The Final Insult"
- "Airplane!"
- "Twister"
- "Godfather" series
- Super Bowl XXI
- Son of the Morning Star
- The Sandlot

Eleven good bands or singers/musicians:
- Fats Domino
- Tupac Shakur
- Christopher "Biggie" Smalls
- System of a Down
- The Beatles
- Fleetwood MAC
- Judas Priest
- Metallica
- Christina Agularia
- Black Sabbath (with Ozzy and Dio)

Ten things about you, physically:
- Hair that is starting to curl
- brown hair
- skinny
- long face
- goatee
- long legs
- lanky
- my grandpa's hat smell
- fairly hairy all over
- Grandpa Jimmy's eyes and walk

Nine things about you, mentally/emotionally:
- intellegent
- wise
- logical
- not the most likeable person (because I am usually right)
- forgiving
- beleive in charity
- wise enough to know that emotions change... like the tides it is best to not invest in their position...
- admit when wrong
- slow temper... but when mad... not pretty

Eight favorite drinks:
- milk
- water
- orange juice
- BLUE koolaid
- Black Russian
- lemonade
- Uncle's red wine
- straight Vodka... before I decided no more drinking... it really brings the harshness of life back to your ass

Seven things you wear daily:
- boxers
- mindset
- face
- hair
- skin
- toenails
- fingernails

Six things that annoy you:
- the unfaithful
- ignorant people
- those who make up stuff in order to win an argument
- the i before e rule
- Michael Moore
- emos (it must be the fact that they are bitches and have no pride in themselves)

Five favorite foods:
- Dad's mashed potatoes
- pork chops
- pears
- spinach
- corn

Four shows you watch:
- Simpsons
- Everybody Loves Raymond
- The O'Rielly Factor
- Weather Channel

Three celebrities you heart:
- heart?
- what the hell is heart?
- is it a verb?

Two things you come in contact with everyday:
- myself
- the ground

One song you like right now:
- "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag" by Country Joe and the Fish

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12:16 am


Why am I dying to live, if I am living to die?
Pac is a strong dude, so when they told me he got shot I was like dude Pac's always getting shot, ya know? He'll get through this one, like all the other times, and make a record about it and everything but when they were like he's dead I was like whoa... there is no comin back from that.- Biggie Smalls (upon learning of Tupac Shakur's death.)

Both of those guys are worth saluting in my mind. They were both disadvantaged not by their own faults but because of their fathers and they fought the system and came out with millions of dollars. That goes to show you in America all you need to do is motivate yourself to victory and it can be acheived. No motivation= living in the slums. Good men and musicians in my mind.

Sputnik__Rocker's Word Usage
1. i (281) 26. meg (42) 51. one (25) 76. way (13)
2. the (258) 27. this (41) 52. from (24) 77. own (13)
3. to (168) 28. no (40) 53. because (24) 78. time (13)
4. and (152) 29. they (39) 54. out (23) 79. their (12)
5. a (116) 30. but (39) 55. at (23) 80. can't (12)
6. you (116) 31. with (38) 56. government (22) 81. here (12)
7. of (112) 32. all (37) 57. can (21) 82. free (12)
8. in (97) 33. like (36) 58. most (20) 83. say (12)
9. is (92) 34. your (35) 59. should (20) 84. his (12)
10. it (86) 35. more (34) 60. right (19) 85. only (12)
11. my (83) 36. we (33) 61. just (18) 86. beleive (11)
12. that (83) 37. now (33) 62. there (17) 87. ever (11)
13. or (77) 38. so (32) 63. many (16) 88. go (11)
14. for (76) 39. would (30) 64. know (16) 89. life (11)
15. do (63) 40. don't (30) 65. get (16) 90. yes (11)
16. have (60) 41. was (30) 66. people (16) 91. being (11)
17. are (59) 42. how (29) 67. see (16) 92. has (11)
18. be (56) 43. will (29) 68. love (16) 93. it's (11)
19. me (53) 44. when (29) 69. them (15) 94. someone (10)
20. am (52) 45. if (29) 70. up (15) 95. very (10)
21. on (46) 46. who (27) 71. u (14) 96. down (10)
22. bigcat8706 (46) 47. by (26) 72. look (13) 97. hair (10)
23. as (45) 48. about (26) 73. did (13) 98. done (10)
24. what (43) 49. well (26) 74. good (13) 99. number (10)
25. not (43) 50. he (25) 75. were (13) 100. had (10)
Word Count by Hutta.

That about wraps it up.

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July 4th, 2004
12:19 am


I feel Orwellian.
The Great Purge is over. I am cleaner and happier now.

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July 3rd, 2004
10:15 pm


Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: 8.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.54

What do these numbers mean? Well the economic left/right scale is a scale of how much the government should interfere on the economy. A negative number would signify left, or more government involvement with regulations and welfare and such. A positive number would signify right, or less government involvement in the economy, being more along the lines of laissez faire economics and a free market society. Now, I don't know what the scale is out of but judging from the graph it gives as a visual I would say its out of 10 or 10.5 and it is very hard to get even close to that number. No one I know has gotten more that halfway their (save JP, who was both socially libertarian and economically left). As this number reflects, I beleive in very little or no government interference in business simply because other people started that business, not the government, so the business owners should be making the decisions. Right? Right. They made it with the risk of losing all their money and they should keep everything they gain. Simply put.
Now the second number is the social scale, how much government should be involved in the People's lives? A negative number signifies a desire for a less intrusive government while a positive number signifies more government involvement as seen in fascism, monoarchy, theocracy and most communism (though communism and socialism are more accurately defined on the social scale). As a Libertarian I beleive the People should do whatever they wish, as long as they don't infringe on any other's rights. However, in this quiz the topics of abortion, homosexuality and religion came up. As a Christian I cannot deny my personal morals and how the questions on religion and homosexuality were asked did not seem to be of how one should rule politically, rather they seemed to be more moral base questioned and how I view government's ways of governing are very different from how I govern myself because my morals are different from others. That is why I beleive government should be amoral and should allow the people to run their own lives, if they don't infringe on others' rights and should not take others' money for being successful and motivated and giving it to the lazy and unmotivated. However, logic and the truth should always be prominent in such a society otherwise we get a divided and backwards society, and government, like in America today.

That is about it in a nutshell. That is why I want to be a political science professer. I actually understand it.

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03:58 pm


How to make a Sandwich like a Dictator.
See the subject? Enough said:

meg: u should be sorry
BigCAT8706: ha!
BigCAT8706: who is the "evil" dictator here?
meg: lmao
meg: u are SIR
BigCAT8706: lol
BigCAT8706: thank you
BigCAT8706: now make me a sandwich
BigCAT8706: please
BigCAT8706: lol
meg: reporting for duty
meg: yes!
meg: white or wheat bread?
BigCAT8706: what do i look like? a common peasant?
BigCAT8706: give me the white
meg: ok ok
BigCAT8706: and i am not racist
BigCAT8706: lol
meg: =-O
meg: what kind of cheese
meg: american
meg: swiss
BigCAT8706: american
BigCAT8706: i am not at all swiss
meg: lol ok
meg: and meat?
BigCAT8706: and i want bologna
meg: ok
meg: and condiment?
BigCAT8706: yes... meat me in the parking lot
BigCAT8706: no condiments
meg: ok
meg: lettece, tomato...
BigCAT8706: sure why not?
meg: ok
BigCAT8706: now this is good service
meg: here is your sandwich master....white breat-bologna-american cheese-lettece-tomato-white bread...all served on a golden platter
meg: bread*
BigCAT8706: lmao
BigCAT8706: and i get no drink?
meg: =-OSORRY
meg: and to drink?
BigCAT8706: shall i just drink my own saliva as i try to choke this down?
meg: nonono
BigCAT8706: if you don't get me 1% milk i may have to settle for a cup full of your blood!
meg: =-O
BigCAT8706: (slightly chilled of course)
meg: here is your 1% milk sir
BigCAT8706: thank you
BigCAT8706: .... now i am really hungery
meg: now take a bite of your sandwich
BigCAT8706: *bites*
meg: muhahahahaha
BigCAT8706: was it poisoned?
meg: no
meg: i just licked the bread:-P
BigCAT8706: then why the laugh?
BigCAT8706: guards... i think i will have the cup of slightly chilled blood please
meg: NO
meg: if was FUNNY
meg: it*
BigCAT8706: yes... and it will be even more funny when you are rotting in the dungeon
BigCAT8706: ...
BigCAT8706: forever!
meg: *gets stabbed*
meg: OWE
BigCAT8706: lmao
BigCAT8706: now... seriously
BigCAT8706: did you make me that sandwich?
meg: ummm seriously no
meg: but i will
meg: and then eat it for you
BigCAT8706: lmao
BigCAT8706: no that wont be necassary
meg: lol have kevin make u a sandwich
BigCAT8706: lol
BigCAT8706: i will
BigCAT8706: if he comes over
meg: by force
BigCAT8706: lmao
BigCAT8706: its the only way to make a sandwich now adays

BigCAT8706: thats the way to be defiant;-)
meg: rebellious!!
BigCAT8706: lol
BigCAT8706: just dont be that way when i want a sandwich got it?
meg: yes master
BigCAT8706: :-) excellent

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09:49 am


About the Anon. posts...
It seems that people still beleive it is me who posted as those mean and hurtful things to Emmie and others disguised as anon. I figure I might as well do what I should have done in the beginning and come out with the full truth. I am ashamed I didn't do this earlier but better late than never. Like I said, I did not do that. I have no reason to, nothing to gain and if I did say something like that I would be proud enough to say it in my own name. I have seen those posts and I have actually gone under my own user name and have agreed with most of the anon's post because, simply, it's true. However, I do not find happiness or joy in Emmie's sadness or distress from those so I would like to apologize to her for all the things I have said in spite of her these past few months. I do not take most of them back, if they are true, because they are true but I do apologize. Though I did not write ANY of those comments I was present when most of them were being written. Charlie Hibson is the one who did them. For whatever reason, whether he was mad at me, you, himself, he said he felt satisfaction in doing this. I, in fact, was against it because it would bring nothing but bad feelings, and I regretfully helped him by telling him the spelling of some words. Once again, for that I apologize. He is now at odds with me, for whatever reason, if any, and I do not know why. He has been hating ME for little or no reason this whole month... and trying to frame me for this. There is the whole truth right there. Take it or leave it, my conscience is free.

P.S. Just delete the hurtful posts, I don't see the big deal in that. They are like terrorists, if you just eliminate them from your journal and encourage others to do the same you won't have to worry about them.

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July 2nd, 2004
11:25 pm


This is Roy in Canton, Ohio. He is 21, today.
Well today was mostly me sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. Then at 1730, Kevin came over with his production station. We were rockin', me on the bass providing the base of the song while Kevin did his thing above me. We had a good 4 or 5 ideas flying around and ended up taping one and ran out of time on the other we were ready to wrap up. That's cool. We are temporarily Ponies on Warheads (POW) till a permanent band name can be implemented. We are talking about band names here... not governments in the Middle East. So then we went to meet up with Harvey to see the Moore dumbass show (Fair Reign Height 9/11) but we didn't see him outside so we left. I drove home after dropping Kevin off at his place and got on AIM, working on the POW website some more and I started talking about band names with Megan and a very interesting conversation ensued. You would have had to have seen it to beleive it. Well I am heading off. Peace.

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02:47 pm


I do love my Boy Scout Socks.

"My Socks"
by Michael "Boris"  Catalano

The socks I wear are green and long
good enough to make a song
at the top there's a red strip
from which rain can drip
These socks I wear are really warm
strong and durable but they don't harm
my feet are safe till I wear these out
these sock are only for a Boy Scout

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11:15 am


Finally, someone I don't know who has some sense.
Gacked from jrvk :

Psychologist Albert Ellis's twelve most common irrational thoughts: Most people exhibit at least one or two at some point during their lives, if not most of their lives. Bold those that apply to you.

1. Everyone should love and approve of me.
2. I should always be able, successful, and "on top of things."
3. People who are evil and bad should be punished severely.
4. When things do not go the way I wanted and planned, it is terrible and I am, of course, going to get very disturbed. I can't stand it!
5. External events, such as other people, a screwed-up society, or bad luck, cause most of my unhappiness. Furthermore, I don't have any control over these external factors, so I can't do anything about my depression or other misery. (Playing the victim)
6. When the situation is scary or going badly, I should and can't keep from worrying all the time.
7. It is easier for me to overlook or avoid thinking about tense situations than to face the problems and take the responsibility for correcting the situation.
8. I need someone--often a specific person--to be with and lean on (I can't do everything by myself).
9. Things have been this way so long, I can't do anything about these problems now.
10. When my close friends and relatives have serious problems it is only right and natural that I get very upset too.
11. I don't like the way I'm feeling but I can't help it. I just have to accept it and go with my feelings.
12. I know there is an answer to every problem. I should find it (if I don't, it will be awful).

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12:23 am


Bet You Didn't Know That (7/1/04)
State sport in Maryland: Jousting.

Well since I am on and angry I might as well write.

"Revolution- Internal Rage"
by Boris

Pound down your infrastructure
The vein in my head has ruptured
this will be the last child you will kill tonight
No more will I keep content
with an image bent
the outside looking in
the inside looking out
there is a man on the street
a man with no feet
a man shattered like your window pain
glass spread around where he is lain
an elephant graveyard
for those as meek as mice
our history has been mared
by your socialistic vice
let us be free
let us reign
can't you all see?
we won't go down the drain
Kill me tonight
Kill more tomorrow
soon you will kill to the height
then you will experience our sorrow

(Our rage will no longer be concealed,
Give up your guns, because we will no longer give up our lives.)

Thank you people. Thank you.

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Current Music: "The Ghost Song" by The Doors

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July 1st, 2004
08:49 am


We will fight The Heathens.
I decided to continue on my "Revolution" series. They are all copyrighted. And I am paranoid. Here you are:

"Revolution- Ignornace, the Start"
by Michael Catalano

Until my days of death
my life is growing less
and the Government grows more and more
Why are they blind?
Don't the have sight-hind?
And can't they see what's happening?
I am a common worker
must give all to my booker
to pay for the Government, I don't need
I don't want extra support
I don't want an easier life to court
I don't need more money, to be taken away
I don't need your honey, medicine! Need I pray?
Won't someone aid?
they plan they've laid
to support the state
we will have met our fate
when we all toil soley for the Power
as he watches... from his tower.

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June 30th, 2004
11:23 pm


So You all know.
This was all copyrighted. All four poems of the Revolution series. I said it and that is completely legal. See you.

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11:03 pm


Here is a two for One deal
"Revolution- The Factory"
by Michael "Boris" Catalano

You can hear
the screams
for years
it seems
after you are done working
at The Factory

You live
you die
you strive
you cry
after you're done working
at The Factory

You go crazy
no longer sane
work or suicide
they are both the same
live or die
is no long your choice
The Central Power
is now your voice...
at The Factory.

"Revolution- Defiance"
by Michael "Boris" Catalano

I am done
done with suffering
down with the wedding ring
you forced me to sing
your anthems of loyalty
to a disloyal crew
for this and all, I am through
No longer will I kneel
and beg for life
I shall stand and say
"Give me my knife"
I will fight for myself
I will die for myself
I am my cause
I am my effect
I am the resistance
I am the force
I am the defense
I am the offence
Stop me if you can
Kill me if you must
But never forget this
you, I will trust.

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10:56 pm


I have decided to write Another.
Here is another freestyle. I shall call it/it shall be:

"Revolution- Well Regulated"
by Michael "Boris" Catalano

"Toil," says the Central Power,
as He watches from the tower.
We must work or be slain
For me, my life shan't be lain
As it is a sin
for I to keep in
all my thoughts,
all my dreams,
all my ideas,
they find,
they torture,
they rape,
they kill,
to keep us in line.
And we still
may eat in the morn.

and one more.

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10:30 pm


This... is My Poem.
It has come to my attention that many people are writting poetry... for a while now. I have stuck my hand in songwritting for a few years now. I figure I might as well try this to be cool and different. Though we are all the same. And I call this creation:

by Michael "Boris" Catalano

So mournful
is the funeral
passing by
the poor man
who fought the ban
on our liberty
He was killed
and the grave filled
they said "put your head down on the choppin' block"
he replied "no,
because I know,
it is wrong to commit suicide. You must force me down"
They used force
Though his mind's a horse
his body is starved and feeble
He was killed that day
and must be lucky and gay
while we must slave and toil
I know now, this plan, I must foil.

(Dedicated to all the counter-revolutionaries of the Bolshevik Revolution.)

That was completely off the top of my head and I am proud of it's idea value. I am disappointed it is not as good as other poems on the poem scale... but on my scale I like it. Thank you.

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09:41 am


Bet You Didn't Know That!
If there are Northern Lights, there are Southern Lights.

Well, I was suppose to wake up about two hours ago to help Chris Buttino with his Eagle Project. Might as well head over now. Peace, have a good day.

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June 28th, 2004
11:54 pm


It's only love, why waste a good subject?
*What is your name?
-Michael Anthony Catalano

*What is your d.o.b.?
- 29 November 1987

*How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
- That I have had= 2; that were caused by Dan Smith, on AIM, without my knowledge= 2

*How old were you at the time of your first kiss?
- Well I don't think I was more than ten minutes old when my dad held me in his arms and gave a kiss of adoration. It's on camera!

*How was it?
- Well I can't remember it too well, but when I see the image of it it makes my heart glow with love, happiness, and radioactive wastes...

*What is the most romantic thing someone can do for you?
- support me when I am right and kick my ass when I am wrong

*What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
- well my parents have kept me alive for all these years and they keep no debt over me... so I guess that is pretty romantic

*Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Ha, that is foolish! Who would be foolish to beleive in that? The idea of beleiving in love is clearly idiotic!

*What do you look for in a guy/girl?
- free thinker, strong enough to kick the shit out of me but dumb enough not to know how to use it for their own gains, strong enough to birth me 8-12 kids, and finally (the trait that carries all the previously mentioned) the privilage of being Italian

*What do you look for in a guy/girl physically?
- strong, a smile that makes me smile no matter what, life in their eyes, the normal stuff

*What do YOU look like?
- ha, kinda short brown hair with brown eyes, 5'11", lanky, a "prominant" nose, as casey says, not what you would call good looking but won't kill ya

*What is YOUR personality like?
- I am not the most likable sort of person, but I am almost always right, maybe that is why people don't like me?

*What is your sign?
- Well, I kinda wave my arm like this and my ma gets me food. I consider that the best sign there is.

*What music do you listen to?
- music where the singer doesn't sound like a bitch. mainly= blues, rock n roll, old metal (hendrix, cream, sabbath, zeppelin), Dog Fashion Disco, some breakbeat and a little electronica

*Roses are red, violets are blue...
-Napalm is flaming, and it is on you

*What is the best love song?
- well I don't know about best, but my favorite is probably "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix

*What is the most you've ever done with somebody?
- Oh Goodness! There is so much I have done. My best friend Josh Olin and I when were kids, we would have wars with our matchbox cars, play the regular nitendo, go outside and act like US Army Rangers with our toy guns, have secret meetings with stuffed animals (which would lead to us having to fight our way out against the stuffed animals... no rabbies were harmed though), and we would escape from the tyranny of the Tyranasaurus Rexs living in caves still unknown... all in one day.

*What is the craziest/coolest thing somebody can do for you?
- Well the craziest/coolest thing anyone has done for me was when Davey Marks taught me, through beatings, the art of guerilla warfare and the art of capture the flag and how the two are combined in Troop 80. I think it would be hard for someone to beat that. So I think the craziest/coolest thing someone can do now is donate a couple cars and CDs to me so I can test out car bombs and CD bombs, respectively.

*How many times has your heart been broken?
- never, it's still intact

*Ever got dumped?
- yea, it looks better on the way out.

*Ever cried for love?
- ha probably, I was deprived in all my relationships... that I knew about

*Finals words on love?
- to quote Karl Marx "Last words are for fools who haven't said enough!" Unfortunately I am a fool so I will say I have learned in order to preserve love you have to do stuff, little things like help around the house. Families that break apart are not bonded together well are often because no one is obliged to do anything for each other, but ones that succeed are because of the acts of goodwill towards each other. Not forced goodwill like liberals practice, but just something you are so use to doing its just like living. That my friends, is love. So it is almost valid to say... love, isn't really love, but action for no reason of self gain. Dare to think.

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11:42 pm


Bet You Didn't Know That! (6/28/04)
Eighty-seven-year old Rebecca Felton was the first woman senator. Time in office: two days.

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03:11 pm


Let me go Home, I want to Go Home.
> 1. What is your full name? Michael Anthony Catalano
>2. Nicknames? Mikey, Mike, Boris, Cat, Big Cat, Nazi, Camel
>3. bday: November 29, 1987
>4. Sex: male
> 5. Where do you live: Cortland, New York
>6. What school do you attend? Cortland Junior Senior High School
>7. Siblings: Karen, 20; Daniel, 12; Cocoa, 4 (she turns five in 2 months!)
>9 Zodiac Sign: Saggiterius the Archer, but I am too sensible to beleive in something like that.
> 10. Righty or Lefty: right handed but I use my right and left legs as if they were equals.
>*********YOUR LOOKS*********
> 11. Hair color: brown
> 12. Eyes: brown
>13. height: 5'11"
> 14. Do u wear contacts or glasses? contacts, usually; nothing when I am too lazy to put in contacts; glasses when I work up at the college or watching the Godfather II
>15. Do you have any piercings? no
> 16. Do you wear any rings? no
> 17. Do you have a certain fashion? yea, if you sell it, I buy it. That's how we all are isn't it? I am quite partial to military gear though

> **********JUST LATELY***************
> 18. How are you today? a little tired, a little bored, and a little bit ok
>19. What pants are you wearing right now? pajama pants
>20. What shirt are you wearing right now? white undershirt with tons of dog hair upon it, courtesy of Cocoa
> 21. What does your hair look like at the moment? it looks like it's combed but...
> 22. What song are u listening to right now? "X" by System of a Down
>23. How is the weather right now?It's gettin' ready to rain, I feel it in my bones
> 24. Last person you talked to on the phone? My brother
>26. Who are you talking to right now online? I am not on line.
>27. What time is it? 1359 Eastern Standard Time
> **********More about YOU!**************
> 28. What are the last four digits of your phone number? 26
> 29. If u were a crayon, what color would you be? a mix of dark jungle green and light gray. It would be called Qama.
>30. Have u ever almost died? With death meeting us everywhere in this world everyone can say yes to this.
>31. Do u like the person that sent u this? I lended him my Communist Manifesto, he has a pretty ok band, and he actually thinks of things worth saying. Overall he is ok. If he isn't a communist then is good.
> 32. how do you eat an Oreo? I don't
>33. What's the next CD you are going to buy? Most likely the new SOAD CD coming out in October
>34. What's the best advice ever been given to you? "You're the one who decides how much things affect you."- My Dad
>35. Have u ever won any special award? plenty: honor roll (numerous times), perfect attendance (4 times), commendable attendance (2 times), High School Scholar Athlete Award (2 times), Mr. Geography, was on the Smith School Quiz team that went first in the state in 5th grade, President's Award (from Bill Clinton, darn), Most Improved Defensemn (Soccer; 2 times), there are more but I can't remember them off the top of my head
>36. Worst sickness u ever had? Either my bronchitis at 5 months old, or my self-ignorance in 8th and part of 9th grade. Both were quite prominant hazards to my life.
>37. What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? I did not listen to myself and my morals that I had set in place since I can remember. I suffered for it but I learned from it.
>38. If you u could change one thing about yourself what would it be? nothing, because if I could I would have by now.
>39. where do you shop the most? The Army/Navy Surplus
>40. How many kids do you want to have? 8-12
>42. daughters name(s): Well I have a list of about 20 but here are my favorites: Mia, Karli Rose(first-middle name combo), Maria, Sophia, Mary, Hannah, Carmela, Rosemary, Charlene (more likely for the name of my rifle when I hit 17)
>43. Do you do drugs? For this question, it is best for one to consult with Rose Dovi. (no I don't)
> 44. Shampoo? head and shoulders to get off that darn dandruff
>45.What are you most scared of? the cage that I did not make
>46. how many dirty stinkin apes does it take to screw in a light bulb? someone is libel to think this pertains to blacks, so I will say two
>47. How many TV's do you have in your house? 6
>48. Do you have your own tv? na
>49. Do you have your own phone line? na
50.do you sleep w/ a stuffed animal? 5 of them; i tend to be insecure about people, often for good reasons
>51.broken/sprained/fractured a bone? I am what happens when you drink milk. I know no break, no fracture, no sprain. I am invincible.
>52. Who do you dream about? who? rationality that's who
>53. Who do you tell your dreams to? mostly I contemplate them in my own head, don't really have a reason to tell anyone
>54. Who's the loudest friend you have? Kevin
>55. Who's the quietest friend? myself
>56. Is cheerleading a sport? I consider it to be one
> 57. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? I beleive too many for the average person's patience to count (what do you know! I am right!)
>58. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do I look like I am God?

> ************YOU and LOVE**************
> 59. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? na
> 60. Do you have a crush? na
>63. Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? someplace cheap, like a log cabin in the woods, now there is an idea!
>64. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? if they possess life in their eyes. So many times I am disappointed
>66. Do you find yourself ugly? not really
>67. Do others find you attractive? not really

>***********GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT (for girls only )FUCK THAT SHIT ANSWER IT*********
> 68. Curly or straight hair?
> 69. Tall or short?
>70. Six pack or muscular arms?
>71. Good or bad guys?
>73. tan or no tan?
>74. dimples or no dimples?
>75. Stubble or neatly shaven?
>76. What sport should he play/do? >

>*******ON GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT (for guys only) Whoever recieves this and is a boy fill this out about a gurl*********

>77. Sandals or shoes: shoes, that way she won't complain when I step on her toes for being out of line
>78. Painted nails or not: not, it just costs more money, smells horrible, and gets harmful chemicals in my lungs... and I try to keep as many harmful chemicals out by not smoking already
>79. Cute n' mysterious or wild n' sexy: how about a girl who just does shit right the first time. I'll pick that one.
>80. Dark or blonde hair: dark, that way it's more fun to play hide and go seek because you can't see them as well
> 81. Long or short hair: a moderate lenth, medium on the slight short side
>82. Curly or straight hair: straight, I really don't get why curly hair is cool.
>83. Dark, light, or crazy cool eyes: wow I was almost expecting to see eyeless after seeing the last option there. Well I don't want a girl with crazy eyes so dark will be just fine.
> 84. Long or short nails: short nails, that way they can't inflict as much damage
>85. Hat or no hat: hat, when necessary is cool. Hat when not necessary is sexy.
>86. Good or bad girl: good girl who will stay good. That way I don't have to worry about them being disloyal to me. I'll learn I guess.
>87. Hair up or down: if it's short, down, if it's semi medium or medium up in a pony tail
>89. Tall or short: shorter than me... it gives me the power and intimating advantage
> 90. Accent or no accent: no accent, I don't want to have to do extra work to understand what the hell you are saying
>92. Tan or fair: natural tan looks best because it contrasts with the rest of your looks, sometimes being fair is one's natural tan (see the irish)
>> 93. Glasses: not prefered, unless it makes you intellegent and worth talking to, but glasses just don't do that.
>> 94. Freckles or none: no freckles unless you look irish because they just suck otherwise
>> 95. Shy or outgoing: shy, more trust can be invested that they won't be disloyal (IN GENERAL!)
>> 97 Talkative or shy: shy, the shyness prevents the girl from saying stupid shit that comes out in talkativeness. This makes the chances of meaningful conversation increase.

>> ***********Pick One: THIS OR THAT**********
>> 98. Lights on/off: lights off. It conserves energy, money, and you can always light a candle
>> 99.Sun or rain? I prefer sun because it offers more freedom of activites
>> 100. Mickey D's(McDonalds) or BK(Burger King): BK=Blubber King=Chris Dore= good eatin'
>> 101. Do u like scary or happy movies better? happy movies, they give me a false sense of satisfaction that we all so desperately "need"
>> 103. On the phone or in person? in person, so you can bitch slap them for being a bitch
>> 104. Paper or plastic? plastic, you can kill an intruder easier with it
>> 105. Sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni
>> 106. Summer or winter? summer because of the life and activities however in the case of a national emergency in which we are all being over run by the enemy, I would prefer the winter most definately. I can survive and thrive in it.
>> 107. Hugs or kisses? hugs. let's see you try to get out of a big ol' bear hug when compared to a simple kiss. I think that means hugs show you care more about holding onto that person
>> 108. Chocolate or white milk: white milk
>> 109. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? I assert my authority on this question, deciding birch beer is under the root beer catagory, thereby validating the choice of birch beer under the pretext of rootbeer. (God, if only I had no morals I could be a lawyer... instead I do so I might as well be a politician)
>> 110. Glass half full or half empty: half full
>> 111. VHS or DVD? VHS, for now, but I was brought up on Beta tapes. I owe my true alligence to them
>> 112. Cats or Dogs? dogs
> 113. Vanilla or Chocolate? vanilla
>> 114. Skiing or Boarding: I do neither, but I would like to board
>> 115 Cake or pie? pie, I enjoy making my famous apple pie especially
>> 116. Taco or Meat? listen, I will not be a pussy bitch about the subliminal sexual inuendos of this question and just say I would like a damned roast beef sandwich
>> 117. Diamond or pearl: pearl
>> 118. Sunset or sunrise: sunrise... helps to wake me up and remind me you have one more day to live and do something

>> ****************Your FAVS****************
>> 119. Color: gray... or for you shadists, dark jungle green
>> 121. Fast Food: arbys
>> 122. Candy? baby ruth

>> 123. Beverage? milk and water
>> 124.Ice Cream Flavor? strawberry
>> 125. Sport? football, soccer, rugby, baseball (watching), ultimate frisbee
>> 126. Animal? the bunny rabbit, the ferret, and the chocolate lab I call "Dopey Cocoa"
>> 127. favorite number? 111
>> radio station? Newstalk 920am WKRT
>> favorite singer? either Fats Domino or Roy Orbison
>> 130. Favorite actor or actress? Angelina Joalee and James Earl Jones
>> 131. Favorite day of the year? ha probably November 29th
>> 132.favorite month? July
>> 135. Scent? my rabbies
>> teacher: Mr. Disanto or Mrs. Testa
>> board games? monopoly

>> **************HAVE you EVER**************
>> 139. Ever gotten dumped? yea, lucky for me
>> 140. Broke the law? yes
>> 141. Ran from the cops? well technically yes, I have been running from the cops my whole life because I always wrestle with my two uncles who happen to be cops at the birthday parties. Since they are stronger than I the only recourse for me is to scramble.
>> 142. Stole something? yes, money
>> 143. Tried to kill yourself? if I tried would I really be here?
>> 144. Made yourself throw up? yes, so I wouldn't have to go to Aaron Stark's house to get babysat (it didn't work)
>> 145. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? yes, in second grade, in art
>> **********On a Final Note***********
>> 146. Do you like filling these out? yes
>> 147. Do u want your friends to write back? of course, there is no harm in it
>> 148. Who probably won't respond? everyone
>> 149. Who is most likely to respond? casey, if she sees something wrong

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