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They say jump. You say "How high?" - Freedom is often taken for granted. [Northern Colorado Militia] [Boy Scouts In Cortland]
July 21st, 2004
01:25 pm


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They say jump. You say "How high?"
How old were you when you started school?: 5 years old
Have you ever moved?(How many times?): no, I haven’t
Have you been with the same friends throughout all of your schools?: quite a few of them
Did your mother change her boyfriends/husbands frequently?: never
Overall, did you think you had a happy childhood?: A very happy, safe childhood
Were you a good child? Did you misbehave a lot?: Never misbehaved because I was taught right. Misbehave=get a belting. Don’t misbehave=no belting and more freedom. How simple is that?
If you could go back to your childhood, would you?: I would. You can only be young once.
Were you ever beat or mis-treated growing up?: It always built a better character in me. I am pretty much immune to physical pain now; I can block it out.
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: na
Do you get good grades in school?: honer role stewdint
Are you a trouble maker?: na, not really
Do you love life?: every day, very much
Do you love your family?: Yes, they provided for me everything I need, even if it meant they couldn’t do what they wanted. They are the only people I am in debt to (in addition to Rose. lol)
Do you have a lot of friends?: eh, some
Is your living enviroment a good one?: If I am able to live in it, it is a good one. Let’s not over-complicate things here.
Do you smoke? (Smoke anything?): In moderation, a good cigar isn’t bad. Just give yourself enough time for the crap to get flushed out and it will help prevent addiction as well.
Do you drink alcohalic beverages? Have you?: Only wine and when I have permission from my parents and from Rose.
Would you say overall, that you're a pretty good kid?: I believe so
How old are you?: 16
Do you have your license yet? (Or are u in drivers ed?): Well, I could have my driver’s license but I am waiting till drivers ed is over in august.
Are you a slut? na
Are you a computer geek? (or semi? :D): na
Are you inlove or love anyone?: everyone. Like Jesus.
Do you have a crush?: perhaps
Are you going to go to college?: I am.
If so, what college?: Well I would like to go to Kent State in Ohio because they offer a phd in political science but I have also looked at the University of South Dakato, St. Rose in New York, and a few others in New Hampshire and around the Atlantic Coast. Can never be ready too soon.
If not, than why not?: N/A
Do you plan on getting married? (Or would you like to?): Ha, not really. I figured I might go and become a Catholic priest because no one would get married to me and there are so few of the Catholic priests left. I figure why waste it?
If you do, to whom?: If, by some amazing chance I did, I would probably want to get hitched with my crush (though that never happens) or some poor Italian woman so I can keep her with my money.
Would you like to have any kids?: Yes, I would
If so, what gender and how many would you prefer?: males:5 or 6; females 4 or 3
Do you think you'd make a good role model for kids?: yes (minus the cigar thing)
Do you think you have a bright future ahead of you?: Modestly speaking, I have potential because I am really into politics. I’ll probably be shot or something but that’s ok because no one will notice.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: "Come As You Are" by Nirvana

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Date:July 21st, 2004 06:56 pm (UTC)
You want a lot of babies
Date:July 21st, 2004 07:06 pm (UTC)


What can I say? I love children hence I would like to have a lot of them or be a Catholic priest.
Date:July 28th, 2004 02:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Children.


u want less girls?? why don't u make a time machine,go back 100 yrs,and move to china??
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Date:July 29th, 2004 04:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Children.

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